2017 SAPPHIRENOW: The VISEO report
VISEO was part of the French Delegation

The annual SAP meeting in Orlando convened 30 000 participants from all over the world. 

This year again, VISEO was part of the SAPPHIRENOW 2017, but this time as part of a French Delegation.

“We had the opportunity to exchange with our clients, network and participate in numerous conferences”, explains Hélène Sigrand, SAP Alliance Manager at VISEO.

Here is what we learned from our week in Orlando at the SAP annual summit. 

SAPPHIRE NOW, the numbers: 

  • 30 000 participants from the world & many meetings with experts in their industry and business.
  • 16 million web users on social media.
  • 1 200 learning sessions
  • 5 000 private meetings with SAP executives.
  • 250 partners

The 3 key announcements:

  • SAP Leonardo: Machine learning is live

“SAP Leonardo will make every SAP application more powerful, intelligent and capable for customers”.  SAP decided to revamp SAP Leonardo as a digital innovation system that allows customer to quickly innovate and adapt their innovation to redefine their business models. 

  • Enlarged partnership with Google

It is a co-innovation partnership that showcases new technology & applications SAP certifications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  • The Opening of SAP Cloud Platform to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and GCP

A small revolution largely approved. SAP is now offering a multi-cloud environment that allows its clients to develop and execute their application on the infrastructure of their choice. 

Bill McDermott, SAP CEO, is talking about the promises made in 2016

  • The products roadmap are available to bring more clarity.
  • ​SAP Transformation Navigator has been developed to help you manage and plan your digital transformation. This tool will provide you with recommendation during your entire transformation project. 
  • SAP Cloud Trust Center has been created. It is a website that shows in real time key information about the ongoing operation of the cloud solutions. It answers all the questions that you might have on data security and confidentiality.


You missed the keynotes? 


The French delegation!