Innovations and Supply Chain evolutions on S/4 HANA
By Pierre Laschos, Head of VISEO SAP Logistics

The new Supply Chain trends on SAP S/4 Hana presented by our expert

Pierre Laschos, head of the VISEO SAP Logistics division, talks about the 3 new features offered by the S/4 Hana solution at the Logistics & Supply Chain level.

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SAP focusses on digital transformation

Most people still consider that “digital ecosystem” is the privilege of a few insiders: SAP has thrown away these outdated prejudices in the recent years, by refocusing its strategy on digital transformation. SAP offers are the concrete materialization of this ambition. With the S/4 HANA Digital Platform as a base, it is now possible to use  IoT, cloud via HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) or mobile applications.

VISEO and S/4 Hana

As a first mover, VISEO has declined its logistics and Supply Chain priorities along S/4 HANA and the connected world. By finding a strong echo amidst our customers we have implemented many innovative projects to assist them in the conversion of their system and economic landscape.

The HANA S/4 innovations concerning Logistics & Supply Chain are organized around the following triptych:

  •  The first one responds to the desire to reinstall the peripheral functions like APO in the heart of the solution SAP S / 4 HANA.
  • The second tends to focus on the core of the solution by redesigning functions and look & feel, from a logic of design thinking.
  • The third allows the opening on the connected world.

S/4 Hana highlights planning functions 

The advanced scheduling functions were only reserved for APO, which is a dedicated machine that is connected to the SAP back-end. S/4 HANA has integrated some of the APO functions into the core of the system, avoiding the costs of setting up and monitoring a third-party system, while adding value to the SAP base.

An example is the capacity-to-promise which means the ability to determine a delivery date, not only based on actual or future inventory quantities but also considering the production capacities related to production orders. These functions are linked to other APO functions such as AATP (Advanced ATP), allowing the use of a global inventory-oriented stock with the addition of improved product allocation.


EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) is also natively reintegrated in S/4 HANA and no longer works in stand alone. It replaces WM (Warehouse Management) and allows optimized management of the warehouse through the management of resources, tasks, vehicles, spatial organization and steering. It also allows a better approach to cross-docking and customization of shipments operations such as kitting.


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