Evolution and futur of the UX on SAP
SAPUI5 / Fiori… how SAP is completely changing its user interface? Review of the SAP environment since 2000.

A paper written by Emmanuel Cerisier, Head of the SAP technical department at VISEO

Emmanuel Cerisier, head of the SAP technical department at VISEO explains the revolution of the user experience on SAP, 

Read how SAP is evolving from SAP R3 to S/4 HANA and Fiori 2.0 and tomorrow to SAP Copilot.


A bit of history…

In 2000, when I first discover SAP with R3, it is a management software with a plain user interface. The only embellishment that we can create as developers are the design of tables and the use of seven colors to vamp the reports. The main concern is more on the reliability and strength of the system than in its ease of use.

With the release of the 4.5 version, SAP brings new components such as texteditorhtml viewers and the well-known ALV grid that offer a new interactivity with the user. You can triple your reports, make sums, navigate between screens and export to excel: a revolution!

The next revolution will be the Web. The Web Application Server, along with Business Server Pages and Web Dynpro ABAP will finally allow the development of user interface for navigation and thus get free from the thick client. 

In 2012, with the boom of the tablets and smartphones, we (at VISEO) were looking to bring SAP content to those new devices. We decided to start using the HTML5 framework Sencha Touch and realized many iPad apps with it.

In 2013, with the unveiling of SAPUI5, the HTML5 framework developed by SAP, we have the feeling that this framework might become more important with the upcoming releases and decided to start using it for some projects.

SAP confirms the importance of this framework by realizing its own SAPUI5 under the name Fiori Apps. A new revolution is here. 

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