Packaging & Plastic
You must remain competitive. We provide you with the solutions to stay ahead of the technology curve
The global packaging market is in continued growth and is to reach $975 billion by 2018 and
demand for plastic packaging is expected to reach more than $350 billion by 2018.

But despite its growth the packaging industry is facing many challenges as it relies on its suppliers for raw prices and has to be able to provide its clients with quality products. It is crucial for packaging businesses to manage the stability of their input raw material costs and pass through as much of the raw material price inflation as possible to customers. 

As an SAP gold partner and with a deep understanding of the packaging industry, VISEO is the ultimate partner to help you implement the right system in your company to answer your needs and allow for a more efficient production and supply chain management.

With VISEO you will be able to:

  • improve accuracy and productivity
  • boost customer satisfaction
  • make the processes easier and smoother
  • limit waste
  • improve visibility of which end-markets, products and customer relationships are profitable.



Albea: Reorganization of decision-making applications.

Nemera: managing the company’s SAP system maintenance and evolutions.

Rexam: VISEO teams built the approach, deployed SAP in several countries and placed under the control sites (Acquisitions and Splits).


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