Founded in 2000, DiCentral is a leading global provider of B2Bi Managed Services headquartered in Houston, Texas with 10 offices worldwide supporting customers in over 27 countries. 

DiCentral’s services and solutions are singularly focused on B2B integration and used by many of the Fortune 1000, processing over $500 million in transactions for over 30,000 organizations worldwide. The company’s vertical expertise transcends Automotive, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Energy and Financial Services.

DiCentral provides turn-key Cloud based B2Bi Managed Services, which allows organizations to connect and exchange critical business documents with their trading community. The core components of the Managed Services offering include: ERP Integration, Secure B2B Communications, Data Transformation, Business Rule Analytics, Inventory Management and Trading Partner Community Management.

DiCentral’s 20+ proprietary ERP adapters enable customers to automate fulfillment, shipping and receiving processes, respond quickly to business process and ERP changes and improve supply chain visibility. The company develops and markets a complementary suite of supply chain applications, including on premise enterprise application integration (EAI), mapping & translation, inventory management, vendor managed inventory, managed file transfer, warehouse management, and point of sale (POS) analytics.




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