CPG, Luxury and Retail
New methods to interact and sell
Both historical and pure players share this sector with the same goal: discover new ways to move their external and internal relationships (team members, partners, and clients) and innovate to sell their product in a new environment.

As VISEO’s historical sector, the CPG, Luxury and Retail sector is defined through both historical and pure players, but also through new types of competitors who appear every day. They all have a common denominator: a challenge with global transformation. This transformation goes through a review of their current model, up to their organization and processes. They need new ways to position themselves on the market, to increase the value of their brand and to do business.

We are your partner in this journey, using the latest business methods and going beyond the simple understanding of a product in order to provide a quality service and a strong client/partner relationship. From business processes to digital commerce, customer knowledge, in-store customer experiences, product traceability and smart services, our teams have developed an expert level of knowledge concerning the many challenges facing the retail industry.

We are present in all aspects of your projects, from the diagnosis phase to roadmap development and final implementation. The issues facing a project are handed with a high level of experience stemming from an array of national and international experiences.

VISEO, a true retail specialist, is ready to assist you from beginning to end, providing expert support for initial business processes and creating innovative user experiences:

  • With experts specializing in specific fields of business and, more specifically, a high level of knowledge concerning the issues facing the retail industry
  • With experiences concerning POS (Points of Sales) challenges and a strong knowledge in the implementation of digital devices
  • With a true investment in developing partnerships
  • With the capacity to develop and maintain the information systems of clients in any field of business: evaluations, audits, designs, implementations, developments of e-business applications and support.


VISEO aims to understand this sector’s unique specificities to help companies like yours improve both their efficiency and their profitability. We also invested in strong partnerships such as: SAP, Hybris, Cegid, Qlikview, Samsung… to always offer the best solution for the CPG, Luxury and Retail sector.


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L’Oréal: VISEO teams have been guiding the group for more than 15 years on SAP solutions: evolution, migration and deployment projects, both in Europe and the United States.

Galeries Lafayettes: Our teams intervened to review the group’s e-commerce platform (hybris).

Pernod Ricard: Novedia, VISEO’s digital agency, designed and developed a wise drinking mobile application.

Luxury corporate group: This corporate group needed a simple and efficient application to manage sales and stocks. VISEO managed the project, defined the architecture, deployed the solution, accompanied and trained the users of this application.

Darjeeling: This company wanted to provide its retailers with in-store tablets that allow customers to browse the catalog, thus optimizing the customer relationship and enriching the existing order method. This project was developed by Novedia, VISEO’s digital agency.

Smart device: a large retailer needed to understand the implications of the creation of a smart device in consumer’s everyday life. Novedia teams completed a full analysis for a technical, functional and industrial framework.